Monday, May 26, 2008

Fortissima Colori Socks

Well, fellow knitters, I do believe I have perfected my sock pattern. This is for your basic 2x2 ribbed crew sock (shown here with cuff turned down), nothing fancy. But I do love handknit socks.
Needles: Size 2 dpns
Yarn: Fortissima Colori
Notions: tapestry needle
CO 64 sts and distrubute over four needles. Knit in 2x2 rib for 5"
Redistrubute stitches so that there are 32 on one needle and 32 on the other. Set remaining to needles aside.
Heel flap: Choose one needle to be the heel (it doesn't matter which) and work 31 rows in st st. Other needle will just be holding live stitches.
Turn heel: Purl to middle of row (16 st) p2, p2tog, p1, turn. S1, k back to middle of row, k2, ssk, K1, turn. You have just set up two decrease points so that each row you do, you should be decreasing across the gaps. Continue in this manner until you reach the edge of the heel. There should be 18 sts on the needle.
Pick up and knit 16 sts on side of heel. Work instep (32 sts) in 2x2 ribbing. Pick up and knit 16 sts on other side of heel. Knit fourth needle. Now begin decreasing away your extra stitches until you are back to your original 64:
Round 1: K to last two sts on first needle, k2tog. Work in 2x2 ribbing on next needle. On third needle, ssk, k to end. Needle four, knit.
Round 2: Knit around, keeping needle 2 (instep needle) in 2x2 rib.
Once there are 64 sts left, (7 on needle 1, 32 on needle 2, 7 on needle 3, 18 on needle four) redistrubute sts again. Slip nine from needle 4 onto needle 1 and nine from needle 4 onto needle 3.
Work in the round, keeping instep in 2x2 ribbing until foot is 2" less than the length you want it, or reaches approximately the base of your big toe when tried on.
Now decrease for the toe:
Round 1: K to last three sts on needle, k2tog, k1. Next needle k1, ssk, k to last three sts on needle, k2tog, k1. Needle three, k1, ssk, k to end of needle.
Round 2: K
Continue in this manner until 16 sts remain Graft toe together. Weave in ends.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Begging Your Pardon

I beg forgiveness for not posting recently. I have been hard at work on some projects. first of all, I finished my rainbow striped scarf, made by manually striping two colors (four skeins) of self striping Plymouth Boku.

I also learned how to felt, and made my mother a basket to put the rest of her birthday present in.

I have also been working on a stocking cap, a hemp hat (my hemp yarn finally came in the mail!), and have been designing a pair of socks. When those are finished I'll post the pattern. Until then, fellow knitters!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wool-Ease Mittens

I present to you a simple, quick to knit pattern for your basic mittens. They are warm, hard wearing, and machine washable. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Women's Medium (Large)

Yarn: 1 Skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick
Needles: 1 set #10 DPN
Notions: tapestry needle, stitch holder or scrap yarn

Make 2:
Cast on 22 (24)
Work in 1x1 Rib 12 rnds
K in St st 2 rnds
K1, M1, K1, M1, knit around
K1 round
K1, M1, K3, M1, knit around
K1 round
K1, M1, K5, M1, knit around
K1 round
K1, M1, K7, M1, knit around
K1 round
K1, M1, K9, M1, knit around
K1 round
K2, place next 8 st on holder, K around
K in St st 20 (22) rnds
K3, K2tog around
K2, K2tog around
K1, K2tog around
K2 tog around
Cut yarn, lace through remaining stitches, pull tight, tie off.
Pick up 8 st on holder
Pick up 1 (2) st on either end of previous 8 st
K in St st 12 (14) rnds
K2tog around
Cut yarn, lace tail through remaining loops, pull tight, tie off