Sunday, July 20, 2008

Harry Potter Mania

I've been holding off on my designing in order to participate last minute in a knitalong that ends July 31. I'm doing the Harry Potter Craft-along on Ravelry, and I'm trying to get in one project related to each of the books. Here are my favorites:

We've got a Golden Snitch knit out of Cascade 220 Wool, Hedwig made with Lion Brand Tiffany, Caron Simply Soft, and scraps, a House Hat out of Plymouth Encore Worsted, and a Weasley Sweater ornament, also out of Plymouth Encore Worsted and scraps. Also on the needles is a Quidditch sweater which I hope to have finished in time to wear to the new HP movie, which comes out November 21.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


So I went camping with some Ravelry folk this weekend. We had a lot of fun. Knitting around the campfire, dying yarn with Kool-Aid, and just generally chatting and knitting and having a good time. It was so good to meet all these people and put faces to names! I had a blast.

I spent my weekend working on the Quidditch Sweater out of Charmed Knits. The new movie comes out November 21 and I am determined to have my sweater done so I can wear it to the movie. I also dyed my yarn red and yellow to make self striping Gryffindor wristwarmers from my wristwarmer pattern.

I put my Cooler Hammock pattern on hold because I lost a needle. It turns out that this is fine because you are not allowed to have coolers out of the car where we camped anyway. Now I don't see the point in finishing it because I don't see another camping trip in the forseeable future, much as I would love it. But I will finish it eventually, because it is a mighty cool project.

A note for anyone using How to Knit in the Woods: Shannon Okey (the author) contacted me and informed me that the campfire chair is not made using sisal at all, but nylon twine, so if anyone else was as confused as I was, there you go.

Not much else to report. However, I will post a few pictures of my camping trip next time!