Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Harry Potter, Again

So I'm on another Harry Potter kick, mostly because I finally finished my Quidditch sweater, which I am very proud of. It fits perfectly, is warm and snuggly, and I can just imagine myself out on the Quidditch pitch on a broomstick, looking for the snitch.

I've also made the HP Snitch Dishcloth to stick in a Halloween care package for a young friend of mine who loves Harry Potter as much as I do.

On top of these, I have made an entire set of Weasley sweater ornaments out of Charmed Knits, but I am embarassed to post the pictures of them because I am so bad at duplicate stitch. And I just cast on for the 3-4 year scarf, also from Charmed Knits.

Soon I'll be posting pictures of Christmas gifts, though I have to be careful because my mother finally got on Ravelry and has access to all my pictures and my blog now! (But hooray mom for joining us on Rav!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

New York Sheep and Wool Festival

Yesterday my mother and I drove up to Rhinebeck, NY for the New York Sheep and Wool festival. It was fantastic! The weather was perfect, and I've never seen so much wool in one place! I pet an alpaca, too. They're nice and soft, and I want one (or two, as they're herd animals). I met Melanie Falick, the author of Weekend Knits and Knitting New Scarves and a few others. I brought my books for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to sign, but she had left by the time we got to the authors' building. Boo for that. But I did get The Prayer Shawl Companion and got it autographed 1.) because I've always wanted a prayer shawl book and 2.) because I opened up to a page and looking back at me was my grandmother's cousin! I had no idea she knit, let alone was good enough to have a prayer shawl featured in a book! I of course bought some yarn while I was there too. Some lovely undyed wool and a grey tweed. Of course neither of them have tags on them so they don't have names or anything. But they are both lovely yarns and I can't wait to wind them and start using them. All in all, it was a wonderful day. Oh, and I met a few people from Ravelry. I even talked to Jess and her brother for a minute. How cool!