Monday, October 20, 2008

New York Sheep and Wool Festival

Yesterday my mother and I drove up to Rhinebeck, NY for the New York Sheep and Wool festival. It was fantastic! The weather was perfect, and I've never seen so much wool in one place! I pet an alpaca, too. They're nice and soft, and I want one (or two, as they're herd animals). I met Melanie Falick, the author of Weekend Knits and Knitting New Scarves and a few others. I brought my books for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to sign, but she had left by the time we got to the authors' building. Boo for that. But I did get The Prayer Shawl Companion and got it autographed 1.) because I've always wanted a prayer shawl book and 2.) because I opened up to a page and looking back at me was my grandmother's cousin! I had no idea she knit, let alone was good enough to have a prayer shawl featured in a book! I of course bought some yarn while I was there too. Some lovely undyed wool and a grey tweed. Of course neither of them have tags on them so they don't have names or anything. But they are both lovely yarns and I can't wait to wind them and start using them. All in all, it was a wonderful day. Oh, and I met a few people from Ravelry. I even talked to Jess and her brother for a minute. How cool!

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