Sunday, January 10, 2010

Operation Helmetliner

I have decided to participate in Operation Helmetliner. More info on that can be found on the CitizenSam website here: . I am making helmetliners for troops overseas subjected to subzero climates. So far I have made five. They need to be out of 100% wool so that should a soldier be in a situation involving fire, the helmetliner will burn to ash and not melt, as a fiber like acrylic would. I have been using Patons Classic Wool in color Chestnut, and a lovely person from Ravelry tells me she is going to send me some black Patons to continue with my efforts. It has been my dream since about the seventh grade to be a soldier. Due to medical reasons, however, I am ineligible to serve my country in such a manner, and feel like maybe I can do my part by supporting those who are serving. I have made five helmetliners so far, sent one to a specific soldier, and am working on getting a box of ten to send to CitizenSam. That means I need to make six more. As they only take me a day or so to knit, this shouldn't be a problem. Any help would be appreciated (yarn, words of encouragement, etc, etc, etc). You can contact me through my Etsy store or on Ravelry as screen name StevieLynn.