Sunday, June 29, 2008

JK Rowling Saw My Stuff!

As the title says... JK ROWLING SAW MY STUFF! For anyone who is living under a rock and doesn't know who JK Rowling is, she authored the Harry Potter series. And she saw the stuff I made!

Explanation, dear friends: Last year I sent a care package to a friend at Halloween. As she and I both share an obsessive love for all things Harry Potter, the package contained a cauldron, pumpkin bread, pumpkin beer (yes, folks, I sent her beer), and, of course, a wand carved by me and my trusty Swiss Army knife and a hand knitted Gryffindor scarf with the school crest on it. THIS year she went to graduate school at Harvard (yes, really, she did) where the commencement speaker for the year was none other than JK Rowling. As the graduating class was small, my friend was sitting right up front, wearing the scarf and carrying the wand with her cap and gown. And JK Rowling smiled at her and her regalia. And she told me and I was excited.

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