Monday, April 14, 2008

It came!

It's here! It finally came! My yarn from Knit Picks! Now, normally, Knit Picks is great with shipping. They say five to ten business days, but I've never even waited five days for my yarn to be shipped all the way across the country. This time, however, I depended on my computer screen to be accurate. I found the perfect shade of green to make a shawl to match a sleeveless dress I own. When it arrived, it turned out to be this horrible shade, absolutely garish. That's what I get for thinking the coloring of my screen is dead on accurate. Right, like that ever happens. So I sent it back, exchaning it for a purple shade called Aubergine. So instead of getting my yarn to start this shawl two weeks ago, I had to wait for it to ship back, the return to process, and the new shipment to come. Far too long to wait for yarn. But it came today! I have already started knitting up the Dragon Scales Shawl by Carissa Browning, which can be found on the blog Carissa Knits. When I have some progress made, I'll post a pic or two.

In other news, I learned to double knit last week, and I'm working on this scarf. If you aren't familiar with double knitting, the other side is exactly the opposite, a blue star on a yellow background.

I am also waiting on two Ebay shipments; one of 100% hemp yarn and one on 100% bamboo yarn. I can't wait to work with fibers that are totally renewable and earth friendly. If only I could find them that were made in this country.

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